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  1. V

    Value to simulate igbt and diode in ltspice from datasheet

    I have igbt and diode data sheet used for inverter and rectifier circuit design. i need simulate inverter in ltspice using the voltage controlled switch component. How obtain to these values from the igbt/diode data sheet datasheet is attached here Name Description Units Ron Resistance in...
  2. Shadow_warrior

    Gate Driver for Current-Fed Converters

    Hello people! I am trying to find a gate driver for IGBTs for a current-source full bridge topology. The main difference between current-fed and normal voltage-fed converters is that due to a boost inductance at the input, there should always be a path of current flow. So, as we give dead time...
  3. Jesus Rodriguez

    Solid State Tesla Coil Burning IGBTs

    Hi, I replicated the one tesla circuit for a dual resonant tesla coil, followed all the instructions of how to assemble the circuit and how to wind the coils, when I decided to test it first i connected the input to a 48v 5A transformers to be sure all the connections were right and it turned...
  4. A

    Simulating IGBT in LTSpice

    Hi all Can anyone help me to simulate an IGBT in LTSpice I am trying to create a model for the IGBT in the datasheet attached I am not 100% how I go about doing this in LTspice I know that in the new version of LTSpice there are nIGBT's but I am not sure which parameters I need to add to this...

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