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i need help

  1. T

    does anyone else think this could be a million dollar idea?

    I have some bluetooth earbuds and I want to make it usable with an aux cord like bluetooth headphones. I could just directly connect a 3.5mm port but then the current would also travel into all of the other parts. Would that be a problem? If so couldn't I just use diodes to prevent this?
  2. Adam Binder Rogacki

    From (12v 2.5A DC) to (12v 1.0A DC)

    Hello, I have a power supply that goes in the wall charger from 220v AC or something to 12v 2.5A DC, but I want to decrease the 12v 2.5A DC to 12v 1A DC... Can someone help me to tell how I get 12v 2.5A to 12v 1A? Best regards Adam.

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