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  1. J

    Help! LCD Repair - Repairing a Homedics Digital Bathroom Scale

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, I was wondering if any of you could help me with a repair on an electronic bathroom scale. The brand is Homedics and the model number is SC-476. It is no longer under warranty, so that's not an option, unfortunately. I tripped and fell walking into the bathroom, right...
  2. M

    60Hz transformer and Lichtenberg figures (fractal burning)

    Background: A friend is looking to do some fractal burning (google it) (edit: also called Lichtenberg figure) and has salvaged a microwave oven transformer (MOT) for this purpose. However he likes to think big and isn't satisfied with the 2kV output so has asked me to look at increasing it. As...
  3. C

    20A screw block-terminal

    Hi, I'm currently designing an HVAC PCB board and I'm having a hard time finding the right terminal that works to connect the wires to the PCB. The board is designed to work directly with the HOT line from an HVAC (24VAC) and it can tolerate a current of up to 20A (apparently some machines...

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