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high frequency

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    RF 50 Ohms Dummy Load PCB Design (High Frequency Ground Plane)

    Hi I am a rookie on both RF and PCB design and I am currently trying to do a 50 Ohm 11 Watts Dummy Load project for 100MHz-1GHz. My calculations are done for the load but I have some questions about designing the PCB. I am trying to do it as a microstrip line and as a simple structure of the...
  2. J

    Replacement for AD630 for the purpose of Lock-in Amplification

    Hi, I am trying to build a lock-in amplifier circuit using AD630. But the signal which I wanted to detect is in the megahertz range and AD630 is not functioning in this region. So, is there any device which can do lock-in like AD630 but in a higher frequency region? Thank You.
  3. S

    Welder High Frequency Box help please?

    I have recently acquired a high frequency stabilizer which allows an AC welder to weld aluminum using TIG equipment. I am new to TIG welding but want to learn more about it and this seemed like a good way of getting into it. I have been having a tough time welding with it though. I have had some...
  4. R

    20Khz+ PWM high-wattage LED producing too much heat

    I'm working on dimming a high-wattage LED (50W--12V/4.17amps) with a 3.3V micro-controller. The solution that has worked so far is by using a low-side (PNP) MOSFET to drive the LED and a NPN transistor to drive the MOSFET via the 3.3V signal from the MCU. At 488hz PWM I can dim the LED light...
  5. J

    Variable high frequency conversion from 50-60 Hz to HF?

    The wall power is rated at 50 to 60 cycles per second. I want to feed a circuit with that energy (50 - 60 Hertz) and obtain a higher frequency output, pure sinusoidal wave. Preferably, it can be tuned from around 100 hertz to 30 kilohertz. The output wattage must be at least 300 watt.

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