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  1. J

    Thermal Conductive Adhesive Glue?

    i see "thermal conductive paste" on ebay, but i suspect that's just heatsink compound. https://www.ebay.com/itm/173453941960 i need high mechanical strength. thx!
  2. mading2018

    Numbers of cooling fan for a heatsink?

    I am trying to figure out if I need only one fan for my heatsink or more? I asking cause the fan that I have selected do not cover the entire heatsink area. Does it means that I need to have more fans in order to maximize the cooling from the heatsink? In that case, if my fan needs to have a...
  3. mading2018

    Temperature with heatsinkcalculator software

    Hello :happy:, I have in the recent days tried to simulate the temperatures levels in a charger (AC/DC-module) in a Heatsinkcalculator software: https://www.heatsinkcalculator.com/version-2-1/demo-calculator.html Based on the power losses calculations for half-bridge, where we have two MOSFETs...
  4. N

    Fanless design or not?

    This is a recurring problem for me. Do I need to use forced air cooling with fans or not? And although I always have this situation, I can never decide what to do, or to put it better I don't know how, on which criteria, should I decide about this. What my designs usually have is a power hungry...
  5. J

    2N3055 and heat

    I have a 52V transformer that after rect. produces 3.3A at 52V. I wish to use either a LM317 or a LM338 with 2N3055 power transistors. If you run 2N3055's in parallel you are suppose d to have a resistor like a 0.1Ohm 10W from each emitter so that thermal runaway doesn't take place.Surely the...

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