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  1. A

    Headset Fix Internal Wiring Question

    I'm trying to fix my headset(left side) and I don't understand how the wiring works. Can anyone help me which color of the wire should I connect the board(AG, R, B, G, R, V). I tried to research it but I'm really confused. Thank you!
  2. J

    Why does my computer have high magnetic fields - only in certain houses?

    I sometimes use a gaussmeter to measure the magnetic fields around my computer, keyboard, mouse, and headphones (all wired directly into the computer). The strange thing is that in some houses I've lived, there's virtually no magnetic field at all, while in other houses, there's an extremely...
  3. W

    Fixing a pair of headphones

    First things first, they look like Beats, but I’m pretty sure these are knockoffs. Nonetheless, they sound pretty good, and I picked them up at Goodwill for a steal and love a challenge, so if someone is interested on taking on this electronics mystery with me I’d be incredibly grateful...
  4. Justin Verrall

    (NEED HELP PLEASE!) 1w Amp build

    Hey I'm wanting to try my hand at building a simple portable 1w practice amp and I'm still very much a beginner at reading schematics and even worse at working from them so can someone tell me if I'm going in the right direction please? Pm me if you want. Schematics Bread boarded
  5. GenderPlay

    Audio Cables (Help)

    Hi, I don't usually post on forums so i don't know if this is the right place and if not just tell me. I have speakers and headphones but my computer only has 1 female jack input, i have a microphone+headphone to 1 jack and I tried to make the microphone one a female headphone input, the...
  6. N

    Repairing QPAD QH-90 Headset

    Hi, so I have a QPAD QH-90 gaming headset that I am trying to repair. From the headset is a cable that then splits into a TRS plug for audio, and one for the microphone. The cable for the microphone broke behind the plug, so I was going to solder on a new plug. But the wires inside doesn't look...

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