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    Remove HDMI Audio?

    I wish to remove the audio properties of my HDMI display cables. Is there a way to do this by making an adapter that cuts out certain pins? The problem: I'm having problems with Audio being diverted to my monitors instead of the desired audio device. (Windows 10 has a tendency to re-route...
  2. D

    help at building DRM with microcontroller

    Hello, i want to build a DRM device using microcontroller / something similar. the idea in general is to hook from one side usb and the outher side to screen using hdmi , and the device in the middle will varified the usb and play is encrypted content on the screen. my q. is: A. Witch is the...
  3. R

    Extracting DVBT-decoded video signal from **INSIDE** the TV for DIY ambi-light?

    Hello everyone, I have seen lots of ideas on how to use a HDMI signal to conduct a long strip of WS2812B leds, but what to do if I do not have an external decoder? My TV is able to play videos from DLNA server and has a CI+ interface where I have the TV subscription decoder for DVB-T... Now...

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