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half bridge converter

  1. O

    LTSpice Half bridge inverter

    I am trying to create a simple half bridge inverter in LTSpice. I have chosen to use a purely inductive load and I am having some problems with the circuit. I am using a gate driver the IR2110a to drive the MOSFETS. The problems I am having are the output voltage (Vs-Va) is not as expected. I...
  2. mading2018

    Half-bridge DC/DC converter

    I am trying to simulate a half-bridge DC/DC converter, and I would like to increase the output voltage to at least 320 V. Do you have some suggestion on how to do that?
  3. D

    LT1158 gate driver for a current bidirectional converter

    Hello All, I'm building a boost inverter circuit and I've decided to use the LT1158 gate driver because it has a built in shoot through protection. I'm using a sinusoidal pulse width modulation control scheme for the circuit. I'm having issues getting a sine wave on the output of my converter...

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