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gate driver

  1. Shadow_warrior

    Gate Driver for Current-Fed Converters

    Hello people! I am trying to find a gate driver for IGBTs for a current-source full bridge topology. The main difference between current-fed and normal voltage-fed converters is that due to a boost inductance at the input, there should always be a path of current flow. So, as we give dead time...
  2. X

    Gate driver circuit design

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the gate resistors for the MOSFET that I selected which has a gate resistance of 1.3 ohms. Well, I attach its electrical characteristics (Parameters.PNG). Also, I add the Vgs vs Total charge curve. I would like to find the suitable configuration for this application...
  3. L

    3KW SR motor Gate driver

    Dear people, I'm designing power electronics for 3-phase 3KW SR motor by using power MOSFETS of rating 600V. To drive the gates of these MOSFETS, I'm using IR2183 gate drivers, one per each phase. The DC voltage at the drain of MOSFET is directly from the DC capacitor link which supplies...

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