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  1. MacIntoshCZ

    How to turn mosfet on when its not possible. Another Voltage supply needed. "Galvanic isolated"

    Imagine situation when you have to switch mosfet on, but its not possible becouse current "can not flow". This thread would be just theoretical. For knowledge. This actually do not represent any circuit I build. To switch Q2 On (For discharging something), you need to apply 20V (above 5V) to...
  2. D

    Galvanic isolation for LM555

    Hi guys I am trying to implement galvanic isolation for my lm555 square wave generator. I am designing a marx generator so this is essential. I am new with transformers, at the moment all I want to get is the same square wave at the secondary side of the transformer but when I run it on LTSpice...

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