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  1. J

    decreasing wave frequency with sbl-1 mixer

    I used sbl-1 mixer for decreasing signal frequency from 3.174 MHz to 10 kHz. The generated signal has high noise level. The butterworth and sallen-key filter was used to eliminate noise, nevertheless there is the noise. There is also the possibility of sending images of the circuit. How can i...
  2. B

    LTspice Monte Carlo analysis vs. .meas command

    Hello. I designed some analog second-order all-pass filter in LTspice and provided Monte Carlo analysis as well. I want to evaluate the obtained AC results with .meas command, particularly: 1. Magnitude variation at pole frequency (.meas AC 'label' FIND mag(V(out)) AT 'freq value of interest')...
  3. polashd

    Effect of change in frequency or duty % on transformer output

    In case of a smps transformer of 1:2 primary and secondary turn ratio roughly the output voltage will be double & current will be half of input. My questions are what effect will be on output, if 1) Frequency increase or decrease (when duty % is constant) 2) duty % increase or...
  4. J

    How to create multiple simultaneous signal sources from a single reference source?

    I wanted to build a circuit which would produce a set of signals of different frequencies in different channels simultaneously using a single reference source. I also want the frequencies to be changeable. I am looking to generate frequencies in kHz and MHz range. On searching on the web I came...
  5. J

    Frequency Analysis in Multisim

    Hi, I wanted to find out the frequency range over which AD620 (an in-amp) works using Multisim. Is it possible to do so? Thanks
  6. mading2018

    THD in LTspice?

    Do anyone know how to check the THD (fft) in a easy way in LTspice? When I press the FFT-button, I got this window popping up. What should I select there? Maybe an alternative is to do this instead: I found somewhere that you need to write a SPICE directive like this: ".fourier {Freq}...
  7. mading2018

    Change the frequency in LT1249?

    Hello, What I understand it is possible to change the frequency externally by changing the components parameters, but I am not sure what to do to adjust the frequency. Can maybe someone show me how it will be implemented in the demo circuit? According to the data sheet, it says that "The...

    Design specific trial on Hearing Aid

    Hello Sir, I have been posted this idea in another group,http://www.eevblog.com/forum/projects/a-hearing-aid-amplifier/ ;) Many of them suggested many idea, but let me start it again for particular design, It looks clear, I have been trying 1. Treble and Bass control by frequency...
  9. T

    Frequency of high voltage diode

    Hi I want to buy 2CL2FM . http://www.hvgtsemi.com/upfile/pdf/2012110817253555456.pdf Trr =100 ns I want to find out the real switching frequency of the diode. Can I apply it in the smps with 100 khz of switching frequency? Regards
  10. D

    Governor for homemade generator

    Hello, I'm new to this forum so I would like to say Hy to all. I builded homemade electric generator. It's 2kw generator from Briggs&Stratton lawn mower engine (four stroke with carburator and centrifugal governor) and 1phase inductive industrial motor. I managed to get motor to generate...
  11. H

    Discrete Voltage Regulator (0-300V Input)

    I got a high voltage regulator (Discrete using BJTs)..Attaching the circuit..would like to calculate the biasing values how its been arrived..the load at Q2A switch from 0 and 1.3A..If any one can help on theoretical calculation would be helpful
  12. R

    PWM and Filter LC

    Hello, I am creating a PWM signal by comparing a sine wave (50Hz) and a triangular wave arrier (10kHz) ,in ordem to control a full bridge inverter. II had been try filter this pwm signal to obtain a sinusoide, with a LC filter. I use this equation to find a cut-frequency of the filter (and...
  13. E

    decimal frequencies

    I was wondering if there anything like decimal frequencies like 450.12 etc? Is frequency a pure integer or it can have any value?

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