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frequency counter

  1. riccardo

    Measuring the frequency of a short pulse train

    Hello, I am looking at ways of measuring resonance of a coil/cap in parallel so that it can then be pulsed at that frequency (around 100kHz). Preferably I would like to do this with a relatively small 8-bit AVR like the ATMega 328P used in the UNO. Basically I would put a single pulse into a...
  2. S

    PIC16F877A Based Frequency Measurement

    Dear sir, I am trying to use CCP module of PIC16F877A uC in capture mode too read input frequency. I have written a small code for it but unfortunately its not working. Can anyone guide me what mistake am I making in it. Below is my code, Thanks. #include <htc.h> #include "LCD.h"...

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