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  1. RetroGamerCX

    identifying the flyback pinout

    hi, i'm new here, and today i saw this tutorial and decided to do this experiment. the problem is that i don't know the pinout of my flyback, and i only have 1 flyback and i'm afraid to accidentally burn it. my suspicion is that the primary is the first two pins with a large space. here's an...
  2. R


    hello guys , Here is the situation, I am working on a 90 watts , 1050 mA , 72 V flyback based constant current smps which is used for outdoor LED lights, Mosfet used 12A 800V O/P diode used - Average forward current 8 A , Peak revers voltage 400V In this design diode and Mosfet are getting...
  3. J

    Will one of these new ZVS heating coil drivers drive a flyback transformer to generate HV

    http://www.aliexpress.com/item/5v-12v-ZVS-Induction-Heating-Power-Supply-Tesla-Driver-Board-Module-Coil-New/32619428560.html I know roughly how they work, and i also know that ZVS type circuits exist for flyback transformer drivers, the kind that use TV transformers to generate high voltage, i...

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