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  1. D

    Push On - Push Off latching Circuit using an NE555

    Hello, I made a flip-flop circuit using the NE555 to switch on or off some LED bars that I plan to put in my car. Currently I have the LED bars hocked to a SPDT relay and they are setup to come on when the car dome lights come on (closing or opening the doors) On port 87a on the relay I can...
  2. J

    How to make flip-flop (frequency-divider) with schmitt inverter?

    Hi Ideally, i'm looking for a simple frequency divider that i can feed a square wave, using only schmitt inverters or schmitt NAND (just one if possible). Should work over a wide input-frequency range. The posts below provide a schematic for a so-called "flip-flop" (which i think is really a...

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