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filter design

  1. P

    Passive Variable Bandpass Filter for White Noise

    I would like to build, from passive components, a single stage variable bandpass filter for a white noise source that operates across a range of about 100Hz to 10KHz. I realize the Q will be extremely low, but this is just a starting point that I will add to. Can someone please advise regarding...
  2. mading2018

    How many filters do I need for a battery charger?

    Hello again, I have some concerns about how many EMI-filters that I should use for my AC/DC charger? My charger is operating as a low-power charing (950 W). I have read in in different articles, that some charger have only one input filter, and in some other cases they also have a output...
  3. mading2018

    EMI Filters for converters

    Do anyone how to draw typical EMI filters in LTspice? I have read in different articles on the internet, and it seems they differ in design time to time. I have attached my file so you can see how it looks like. I am suppose to have another filter my DC/DC converter as well.
  4. M

    IR LED Powering Circuit - Design Viability Check Needed

    I have been tasked with designing and building a device that will use a .4V Peak to Peak amplitude voltage source to power 5 IR LED's in parallel. I have attached my design schematic, which includes a low pass filter amplifier with a cutoff frequency of 120Hz and a gain of 101 (though the opamp...
  5. R

    PWM and Filter LC

    Hello, I am creating a PWM signal by comparing a sine wave (50Hz) and a triangular wave arrier (10kHz) ,in ordem to control a full bridge inverter. II had been try filter this pwm signal to obtain a sinusoide, with a LC filter. I use this equation to find a cut-frequency of the filter (and...
  6. C

    Using an antenna analyzer as a network analyzer...

    I've searched the Web, but I can find no mention of using a common USB antenna analyzer (such as the Mini60/SARK-100 with software) to graph the band-pass of an HF filter. To me, it seems like a no-brainer, but perhaps I'm missing something critical here: Antenna analyzer-->LPF/HPF/BPF...

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