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  1. mading2018

    THD in LTspice?

    Do anyone know how to check the THD (fft) in a easy way in LTspice? When I press the FFT-button, I got this window popping up. What should I select there? Maybe an alternative is to do this instead: I found somewhere that you need to write a SPICE directive like this: ".fourier {Freq}...
  2. Holes Flow

    Reduce Audio Sampling Bandwidth for FHT/FFT

    Experts, I am looking for a way to use the standard arduino FFT (no FHT for non-AVR) but only for a small section of the audio spectrum. Instead of breaking down the entire spectrum, resulting in wide bins even after /2, I'd like to only sample 2 or 3kHz of the spectrum, and thereby have a more...
  3. Holes Flow

    Can you buy an FFT processor?

    Experts, I really want to offload the audio FFT/FHT processing from my μC. I'm at the limits of an ESP32, and the specs I read out there are crazy, like Processing of 2048 complex samples in 224 µs! I've read lots of design articles and scholarly papers out there, but they all talk about it...
  4. shafri

    General Purpose (feat. Rigol DSO Data Download) Signal Storage,Import/Export, FFT Analysis Software.

    Mod Edit..... Sorry this ISN'T an advertising site.... Please refrain from blatant sales pitching..
  5. electronicsfreak

    Frequency Analysis Fun, Low-end "Noise"

    So, For a hobby project, I'm making a spectrum analyzer using an 8 bit datapath in a MCU. I wanted to learn more about how the FFT/FHT works, so I am taking a stab at my own attempt at both an FFT and FHT. I have both an 8bit forced datapath FFT and FHT "working" in python, and it's...

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