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  1. D

    How to Make DIY Home Automation System Using Wemos D1

    How to Make DIY Home Automation System Using Wemos D1 A simple home automation project allows you to control home appliance from anywhere. Blynk provides very good and attractive interface. Story Video Video In this project we are going to build simple home automation system in which we can...
  2. E

    Upload sensor data to MQTT cloud service via NodeMCU (ESP8266)

    Introduction This example will demonstrate how to report the temperature and humidity data collected by the DHT11 sensor to the MQTT service in the cloud through the MQTT protocol and the NodeMCU based on ESP8266 , and show how the application subscribes to and processes the data. The reason why...
  3. J

    Pumphouse Project - Logic to water pump control and IoT

    Long time absence from here so forgive me for not getting on in so long! Project description: monitor a well pump cycle rate (state is on or off and time it was on pumping and using energy) set thresholds for an alarm if state is on for too long or cycle rate frequency (ex. turns on/off 15...
  4. P

    Remote control 4x 50W LEDs with ESP8266, HC05 and Smart Phone

    Hi! Here is the project: I bought a spotlight which contains 4x 50W LED Lamps. The spotlight is powered by a 28VDC battery. My vision is to control the spotlight with a mobile app (turn on/off and blink the LED's). Also the space inside the spotlight is limited (10cm X 7cm X 4cm at most since...
  5. U

    USB Device that acts like a Printer

    Our client uses some third party softwares and devices for their internal work. They print 600 pages per shift and now they wanted to eliminate paper usage without changing their existing systems. There are LaserJet printers that are connected with Desktop PCs and Thermal printers that are...
  6. D

    Control I2C Relay device from longer distances

    I need to Control I2C Relay device switching with 2 ESP8266, As I have to use wired connection and control the relay from 40 m distance from every ESP8266. According to some suggestion, I should be using I2C extender but how much far we can use these extenders and is there any other way also...
  7. D

    Create the power supply for ESP8266 and I2C module sensor

    Require circuit Suggestion to make the special power supply for ESP8266 connected with I2C module - https://dcubestore.com/product/sht31-humidity-and-temperature-sensor-%C2%B12rh-%C2%B10-3c-i2c-mini-module/, I want to connect it with ESP32 which also provides the power to sensor module , Any...
  8. sr13579

    How to make an SD Card web server?

    I actually passed this. I can upload and download files. But here is the problem. When I am using my Android without internet and only with hotspot the page index.htm is not working. But while I am on a GPRS I can see that page. How to solve this problem? Using the example from Arduino examples.
  9. Michael Smith

    Need help designing a PCB smaller than this one

    I have a PCB made by the electric engineer but we need to make it smaller, maybe stacked? i have seen other GPS simcard designs Stacked, we have no experience designing PCB, maybe you guys can help us make a smaller design keeping all the components. Thanks in advance for any help
  10. F

    32 Channel Strain Sensor Data Acquistion

    Hi guys, Lovely community here. So i got into the bandwagon of the ESP32. I am planning to build an entire data acquisition built around the ESP32. Would really appreciate it much if i were to get help from all of you. It would be a learning experience for all of us. So basically here are my...
  11. 3v0

    ESP8266 fun - no question or problems

    It took me a while but I finally got to where these are working for me. I am programming ESP12E's and a sparkfun thing using the Arduino IDE. My first project is a doorbell system. It uses a PIR in conjunction with the doorbell switch. I will know that the FEDEX driver did not ring the...

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