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  1. G

    min(initializer_list<_Tp> __l, _Compare __comp) Error while compiling ESP32 library code from Arduino IDE

    OS: Linux(Ubuntu Mate) IDE: Arduino IDE Example: asm_terminal (USB library code for interfacing ARDUINO USB HOST SHIELD with ESP WROOM 32) I am working to interface Arduino USB host shield with ESP WROOM 32. I have added the ESP 32 board to the Arduino IDE and able to run basic example codes on...
  2. S

    Seven Segment Display Scrolling

    I am coding SSD display using 2 cascaded shift registers. I am using a mikroC for PIC compiler. I can display a static sequence of numbers upto 4 digits with my code #define SHIFT_CLOCK PORTB.F1 //Clock Connection of 74HC595 SSD Driver #define SHIFT_LATCH PORTB.F3 //Latch Connection...
  3. Aashi

    PIC24FJ64GB002 Project

    Hi, I'm using pic24fj64gb002 for my project. In this project i want to read the output(values) from the Ignition and AC of a car. That is i want to know whether the ignition and ac of the car is ON or OFF. How can i do this and what are the required components? The output of this should be...
  4. N

    How to build variable frequency drive (VFD) with MPPT facility for solar pump

    Hi, I have a solar pump with 3hp capacity, with 8Ampere current rating . To control the pump i need to design a variable frequency drive(VFD) with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) facility. VFD is a type of adjustable-speed drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control motor...
  5. D

    How can I measure execution time and memory usage of C implemented libraries?

    Hello. I have the task of evaluate functions of C implemented libraries that will run on embedded systems. Those libraries are implemented in .h files and then included in implementations. I was given a FFT library implemented in C that was meant to run on Arduino. In the readme file of the...
  6. P

    Burning microcontroller

    Hello I have a program and a ready hex file. in my folder. First help me in process of simulation of program - how to perform simulation ,things i will need etc sharing a basics level link will be appericiated . I want to burn PIC 12F1822 with the said file i have. What i really want to know is...

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