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  1. I

    Is it possible to model a photodiode PIN InGasAS, in accord with datasheet, in simulator SPICE MicroCAP12?

    I want to know if it is possible to model a photodiode InGasAs panchromatic PIN , in accord with datasheet, in simulator SPICE MicroCAP 12.Because the supllier where I boughit it has not a SPICE model.And if it is possible, which are those steps. Here it is data-sheet...
  2. A

    OLed Interfacing with Kinetis K26 microcontroller

    Hi Everyone, Please help me to get the code of OLED (sh1106) interfacing with NXP series microcontroller(MK26FN2M0VLQ18)
  3. J

    Need direction to fix water level indicator buzzer problem

    I am just a hobbyist recently I build a basic model which resembles something like this circuit to stop water overflowing problem & it seem to solve the problem but i need to cut the power when i hear the buzzer as it keeps on buzzing until the water level doesn't goes down. How should i solve...
  4. merooo2811

    Adjustable Dc Voltage Regulator

    Homemade Adjustable Dc Voltage Regulator by circuit, and you will learn about Dc Voltage Regulator and circuit by practical design and we will use lm350k. About adjustable dc voltage regulator design You will be able to edit output voltage by Variable resistance in the circuit, and the range of...

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