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  1. C

    AC Integrator with Square Wave Input

    Hi guys, I am currently working with an AC Integrator and have a square wave as my input while my output is a triangular wave. I am confused why the triangular wave has a decreasing slope when the square wave is at +4V. I believe it has something to do with the area under the square wave...
  2. electrolives

    Electric Solar Converter

    I want to understand what is the reason for this circuit and each part of it? Can you explain this?
  3. D

    Problem with Electric and LTSpice

    I am completely new to this and am confused about a lot of things the way my professor wants us to set-up the stuff. Anyways, following the steps to the best of my ability, I ended up at this point here: A SCHEMATIC OF AN INVERTER. I did a DRC run and there were no errors with my schematic. The...
  4. J

    Electric defects simulation program/sofftware

    Good afternoon to everyone. I am researching about electrical protections in the industry and I was wondering if anyone knows any program to simulate the defects that affect electrical systems. Thanks in advance
  5. Clarkdale44

    How to make an electric drill run slow?

    Hello Just as the title says I have an electric drill 110v/220v. I want to make it run slow. Thing is when I bought this drill few months ago I didn't knew much about it. I just bought the one with more watts as the guy at store suggested. Now I found that drilling through metal requires slow...

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