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electric motor

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    Converting a yacht to electric propulsion - maximise hydro generation

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of converting a sailing vessel to electric propulsion and need some assistance/ideas on generating maximum power for battery charging. Details of the system Motor - 48v 20kw motor Battery - 32 x 400ah 3.2v LiFeP04 cells - Connected in series/parallel for 51.2v...
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    toy swiches on, moves 30 s, then auto off. How do I auto switch it back on after 30 seconds.

    Sorry if this is too beginner for this forum, this is my first attempt at designing a solution for an electronics circuit. I have the dancing gopher from Caddy Shack, which switches on from a push toggle button, and runs two 3 volt battery powered electric motors which make the item dance. The...

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