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  1. throbscottle

    Doorknob capacitor substitutes

    I probably need to replace a 16KV, 470pF doorknob type capacitor. They are very expensive, so I was thinking of putting 2x 10KV, 1nF ceramic disk type caps in series, which is much cheaper. Then my brain eventually ground round to the idea of hollowing out the original cap and putting the disk...
  2. J

    Repairing a BWD 521 cathode ray Oscilloscope - no traces, hissing noise

    Hi all. I recently purchased a (obviously) second hand CRO oscilloscope. It worked fine for a couple of days, I was just getting used to it. Then one day, I left it on for 10 mins or so with both traces active on screen. A while later, I heard this high frequency hiss, so I switched it off. The...

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