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  1. C

    assembly code with 16 memory locations, only need 2 locations

    Hi I am new to PIC Assembly coding, But have been using Arduino for a few years now. Any help with the following would be very much appreciated, and help me to understand the code. I have download a freely available .asm file for a signal generator and have the project working on a breadboard...
  2. Whiskeyjack

    Help witch Samsung TV circuit board

    Can someone help me identify the correct locations here? I am trying to reset the eeprom. I need to jump the sda and the vcc ports. I am just afraid of jumping the wrong ones and causing a short. My best guess is this: Can someone please confirm or advise? Thanks a bunch Jamie
  3. E

    MikroC help

    Hi guys, I'm kinda stuck with this code, it compiles without errors but I can't debugg it to know why it is not executing the part where it accepts passwords during simulation on proteus. What's it supposed to do? Turn off LEDs on port A when passcode is inputed. I've attached the proteus...

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