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  1. sr13579

    What is wrong with my transformer output?

    The thing is, I was trying to regulate a 220V-9V to 5 volt. I did it though. Everything was right.I was trying to make a dark sensor with NOT gate () The settings are good. But it wasn't working fine with the AC to DC adapter.( It is working fine with a battery like the video). The thing is...
  2. E

    Help with grounding in a power amplifier

    Hello. I'm building my first stereo amplifier, and I would like to share with you the ground/earth scheme I designed, for anyone to point errors in it, and hopefully make a better approach. It is based on local star ground scheme. The amplifier is splitted in three boards: - Power supply -...
  3. Hackpenguin

    Anti static grounding

    Hi,I'm wanting to put a anti-static mat in my garage. I have this power strip with a ground LED and it doesn't light in the garage. But when I goto my room, it lights up. I need advice on how to fix this problem

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