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  1. sr13579

    How to set up my 220V to 9Vx2 transformer?(What is wrong?)

    So I tried to make an adaptor that can give me voltage around 9-10 Volts. There are total 5 wires as you can see in the attached image. I am using a 1000 uF(25V) capacitor parallely after the bridge diodes as said. But the capacitor is heating up and I think the lid/head of the capacitor is...
  2. P

    Identifying diodes

    I need help identifying diodes in a 1980 Marantz Amplifier. There are two diodes in series. They are connected at the cathodes. One is marked A27 and the other simply has an H as the only marking. These were added to the amplifier after production because they are not on the schematic. They are...
  3. C

    Not sure how this analogue circuit works... exactly

    I need to add the following level control circuit to an existing device and am wondering how it works... Here we have audio in two places, one going through Q1301, the other above on a buss called signal as well. The issue here is how to control the level of that signal in both places...
  4. Clarkdale44

    Diode with low voltage drop?

    Hello I need a diode with less voltage drop like 10SQ050 that is 50V 10A... But i need something that is rated at least 30A or 40A with 50V or more... Is there such a diode available? Also do any of you know what kind of diode is that in image below (in red circle)? Regards!!
  5. J

    H-Bridge Amp for 8Ω Speaker (PWM)

    I am using fairly robust D882 and B772 transistors in my design, so I am wondering if I still need 4 damper diodes to protect the transistors as shown below? (Leaving them out saves a little on space and cost.)

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