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    Motion triggered battery powered dimmable COB LED light

    My view on life, in any field, is not to produce more but to consume less. Everybody told me this is a very eccentric weird mentality. Perhaps they are right. Nevertheless I have to build my project to make a highly efficient, extremely low drain, motion triggered 12V battery powered dimmable...
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    IF FOR loop problem getting my resistors burnt

    (I'm not very much good at coding) When I'm using this Dimmer Code then its working fine even for a long time and nothing is getting burnt nor heated up. when the code enters into if() loop only at that time my resistor burnt 2 times. so it is due to zero cross detection isn't happening due to...
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    Dimmer SHIELD + LM35

    Does anyone know how to increment or decrement the dimmer using the lm35 ? Im using this program and i dont know what can i change to do this.HELP! int AC_LOAD = 3;// Dará o pulso no Triac pin int dimming = 125;// Dimming level (0-128) 0 = ON, 128 = OFF unsigned long time;//Contará o tempo...

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