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  1. S

    Victron centaur battery charger overcharging, please help diagnose and repair

    Hi there, I have a Victron Centaur battery charger, 12v 200 amp output. It's a monster! On inspection it's actually two identical 100a chargers in the same case, connected in parallel. Other than a tiny 3 wire cable whose purpose I'm not sure of, there is nothing connecting the two chargers...
  2. Calculici

    Diagnose Motherboard Laptop HP 15 series

    Hi, I'm new to diagnose and repair of laptops so bear with me. I have a HP 15 G092SA laptop which refuses to power on. The light at the end of the DC Jack is off. I disassembled it and started taking out all the connectors like I would do with a normal desktop just to see if there is something...

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