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  1. P

    Remote control 4x 50W LEDs with ESP8266, HC05 and Smart Phone

    Hi! Here is the project: I bought a spotlight which contains 4x 50W LED Lamps. The spotlight is powered by a 28VDC battery. My vision is to control the spotlight with a mobile app (turn on/off and blink the LED's). Also the space inside the spotlight is limited (10cm X 7cm X 4cm at most since...
  2. mading2018

    Half-bridge DC/DC converter?

    Hello, I have designed a half-bridge DC/DC converter, but I am not not sure if this works properly. I asking cause the transformer is designed to give 380 V output (where the ratio is 7:14), but I only obtain around 277 V in the output of the converter.
  3. mading2018

    Half-bridge DC/DC converter

    I am trying to simulate a half-bridge DC/DC converter, and I would like to increase the output voltage to at least 320 V. Do you have some suggestion on how to do that?

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