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dc to dc converter

  1. hesam_m

    A Small and efficient DC to DC Step Down Converter

    A tiny DC to DC buck converter board is useful for many applications, especially if it could deliver currents up to 3A (2A continuously without heatsink). In this video, we will learn to build a small, efficient, and cheap buck converter circuit.
  2. hesam_m

    How to make a variable step-down DC to DC converter using TPS54331

    Almost in any circuit design, building at least one regulation stage is necessary. Two power supply design options are available, which are linear and switching. The linear regulators are easy to build but inefficient, especially when there is a high difference between the input voltage and the...
  3. hesam_m

    Please share your experience on noise reduction in mixed signal circuits

    Hi, Please share your opinion on noise reduction techniques in mixed-signal circuits, PCBs. your experience, tips .. etc

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