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dc power

  1. T

    Power supply for our Jacob's Ladder project.

    Can anyone recommend a power supply that would be correct to use with our Jacob's Ladder project. here is a link to the Jacob's ladder Kit that we are using. Thank you for your time and knowledge in advance...
  2. Clarkdale44

    A question about ESC (electronic speed control)

    Hello I am basically new to all this... ESC stuff.. Thing is i have couple of old hdd's and dvd drive's motors lying around. I need to drive these motors for DIY projects. So i researched a bit on them and found out that i need some sort of ESC to drive these BLDC motors and Servo controller...
  3. D

    Low voltage, low temp DC heating element

    Hi all, I put together a few basic circuits back in college, but don't really remember much. I'm trying to figure out how to make a heating element that can be powered by a battery and used to wrap around a container and keep it just a few degrees above freezing. I'll probably add in...
  4. P

    Need help in controlling Voltage and Current

    I am trying to control voltage range from 1.5 to 34 using LM338 voltage regulator with 1000u capacitor at the input 430u capacitor at the output with potentiometer @ the adjustment terminal. I have 37v and around 5 Amps current at the Vout but when i try to reduce the voltage using...

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