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  1. Gabriel Sá Pinto

    Measuring DC/DC Isolation Capacitance

    Hi there, I'm working on an EMC Control Plan for a product in my company and I'm trying to simplify all the testing processes as we're doing them in house. So there's one EMC that states the following: "Secondary power supplies generated by the equipment’s internal DC/DC converter shall respect...
  2. B

    Switch mode DC/DC regulator IC and system design

    Hello all, I am currently working on a project where, I have to measure the voltage and current at the load connected to (ECU) Electronic control unit in a truck. The battery Voltage Vin (12V- 48V) has to be varied . The input from the battery will be given to Switch mode DC\DC regulator IC...
  3. P

    DC DC converter assist

    Hello, I would like to build a converter but am in need of assistance. Input will be -42 to -56 volts dc (-48 Telephone DC Plant) and would like the output to be either +24 volts dc, or +12 volts dc, maximum of 10 Amps. I am wanting to use the reduced voltage(s) to drive LED strips (10 meter)...

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