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  1. nikson93

    CD4026BE DIP CD4026 Fake or ???

    Just found this on alliexpress and I need more then 100 of them. They say it is original but to be honest doesnt look like that. Any of you can help me please. Thanks. Here is Link .
  2. sr13579

    What is the name of this IC used in bluetooth audio receiver and FM radio?

    I bought tgis cheap bluetooth receiver that has a chip #AC1805E88767 or something like that with symbol of PI(3.1416) on it? I tried to search about this IC but nothing comes up. I tried to take a photo but the chip is very small. Does any of you know about this chip?
  3. A

    Help please find the datasheet on the semiconductor module.

    I can not find the datasheet on the semiconductor module EL146T. Presumably this is a thyristor module. Please help me find information on this module. Any information will help. Attaching photo. The white connector is the control signal.
  4. MMatheson

    Datasheet Pro - datasheet finder

    The EE World Online network has been working on a datasheet lookup tool currently in beta that contains top manufacturers up-to-date resources and a number of active distributor databases. DatasheetPro.com is continually adding resources daily and pulls real-time distributor part availability...

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