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  1. S

    Confusing timing diagram for QCIF format in OV7670 datasheet.

    Any reply is greatly appreciated!! I wanted to confirm about the QCIF timing diagram from datasheet(shown below). The ON time of the HREF for both vga and QCIF is shown as 640tp (tp=2tpclk). So does that mean each line of QCIF (174x2 bytes) take 640tp seconds? So in that case, bytes of a QCIF...
  2. J

    Find part number of this IC

    Hi all, I'm looking for part number of this chip. I searched in the Internet but I can't find any information. Please help me to find out this part number. Thank you so much
  3. O

    What does 'B' means in this datasheet formula?

    Hi everyone I'm not an EE by any means, i guess this could be a simple question but... What does the letter 'B' stands in this datasheet formula? It's found here, page 10 https://www.st.com/resource/en/datasheet/cd00000128.pdf

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