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    Speed and reliability in wireless network

    After reading countless of articles about internet protocols, I am in the process of rolling my own wireless one between microcontrollers in which one acts as a master and the remaining as slaves. The wireless devices I use is HM-TRP configured at 38400 baud and connected to the UART of each...
  2. S

    Help: understanding scanning cards data through the air

    Hey Guys, It would be amazing if anyone has any idea of how does'e it happens? I have heard in my company that the manager installed a new system to read my employee card in my packet from the ceiling, and i wanna know how? What does'e this device do that it can read something so far away...
  3. E

    USB data triggered relay

    Hi, I have a usb symbol barcode scanner that I want to trigger a 5v relay when data (barcode reads) pass through. I want to be able to intercept the information without interfering with the normal connection and operation of the scanner and without ongoing background software on the intended...

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