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data acquisition

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    Metal Ball Detection

    I am a student from mechanical background in my final year of college with a little knowledge of sensors and circuits and need a few ideas to solve this problem. There exists a brass tube something of this sort as shown in image in which oil would be immersed, with a metal ball inside and the...
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    mo' bits mo' problems - daq project conversion and transmission doubts

    hi there, I'm working on a small college project and got a little confused regarding some of the wiring and clock management. project consists on AD converting two separate signals, sending them through one channel together and recovering the analog signal like this https://imgur.com/Q2j0Tsa so...
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    helicopter vibration

    Good morning, i am currently attempting a university module looking at reducing vibration in a helicopter. i have access to a "model" puma helicopter that is used to record and change track and balance of the Main and tail rotor blades, i am looking at attaching a tachometer to calculate the...
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    32 Channel Strain Sensor Data Acquistion

    Hi guys, Lovely community here. So i got into the bandwagon of the ESP32. I am planning to build an entire data acquisition built around the ESP32. Would really appreciate it much if i were to get help from all of you. It would be a learning experience for all of us. So basically here are my...

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