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current source

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    Dependent Current Source

    Hi guys, I'm in an introductory EE class and I was wondering, if the dependent variable of a dependent current source is zero, does the dependent current source become a short circuit or open circuit? Thanks for the help.

    Low-Resistance Meter

    Hello Sir, I am interested to one circuit that can measure resistance value. Take a look the schematics, I need to review it and understand whole circuit. Let me explain it little bit, 1. Seems like a constant current source has been configured using U1A. Like other simple circuits, a...
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    closed loop gain for op-amp circuit

    This circuit is a basic current source, with the current through RL = Vs/Rsense. With a circuit like this, for purposes of choosing the op-amp properly, what would the gain be? Some opamps are optimized for unity gain, some for gains > 5 or > 10. With a voltage-in, voltage-out circuit it's easy...

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