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crt tv

  1. Tanmay_Karmakar

    Discolored corners in crt tv: What is the reason? How to solve?

    Though I have no idea about this type of color rendering problem, I have checked the rgb panel and it as well as every components in it seems to be working fine. I need a solution to repair, kindly help me out.

    RPTV CRT tube conversion to oscilloscope

    Hi Electrotech friends , To be honest I have two oscilloscopes at home anyway, but this is more of a challenge I am currently pondering about. I have watched various YouTube video's of CRT TV's converted into simple oscilloscopes, or just music display devices, more like a bit of fun, and not...

    Magnetic Fields on a CRT

    Was playing around with some old CRT's over the weekend, and trying to convert one as a simple oscilloscope. Well I got a bit side tracked as I had one TV smoking when I disconnected the horizontal coils. So ended up repairing the TV, one bulged capacitor and two resistors fried, which were in...

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