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  1. M

    discharge circuit, dump circuit

    hello im looking for a circuit that can remove access power from a battery, but i can not find it anywhere. im not that competent in designing circuits so i wil try in forum. maybe someone have a circuit that i can use. i did not ask about safety, i did not ask about other ways of doing this...
  2. NameToRemember

    How can i control 3 seperate buttons using a wireless remote control?

    I want to be able to use a remote control key fob like this... (Click here to visit ebay link) to wirelessly control 3 buttons. I am a window cleaner using a water pump in my van to pump water to my water fed pole. To do this I'm using a speed controller which can raise the pressure of the...
  3. Shadow_warrior

    Ripple in output voltage

    I am working on an Active Clamp Forward converter. Schematic is given here: Specs: Output voltage-5V Input voltage 26..42V frequency=500KHz Output power=10W It is working fine in open loop, but in closed loop I am getting a ripple in output Voltage of 2.5Volts Peak to peak. Voltage...
  4. J

    AAA NiMH Backup Battery Pack for 12V Automotive Use

    I have been asked to play a role in the design of a 12V backup battery pack that would be used to backup a vehicle security system and siren in exclusively AUTOMOTIVE applications. I have general electronics experience but no experience with the design of a battery backup system, and the...
  5. Clarkdale44

    A dual axis solar tracker or mppt charge controller?

    OK, it has been few months now since i installed my solar system. It is a small one but i want to extract every ounce of juice i could get from my solar pv's. I am already aware that the mppt charge controller can do it's wonders. Currently using a pwm one and the only i time i get full...
  6. Navyansh

    which microcontroller should I use for my project?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to microcontrollers and have read multiple guides, although still asking the question. I have used Arduino for quite a long time and have developed some product concept. I am only 14 years old though. I am currently developing a wearable project, therefore size, weight, and...
  7. Clarkdale44

    Solar charge controller ?

    Hello I have got one last confusion about charge controllers doesn't matter whether it is pwm or mppt. Thing is i have seen many CC with variety of output amps on 12v and 24v with different manufacturers... But they are all different.. Which number in a charge controller defines that how many...
  8. Andrei_D12

    In-circuit PIC Problem

    Hi! I started this topic because I want to discuss a problem related to PIC controllers (12f629 and 16f628A). I will try to give you all the details of this. The problem is: after succesfully compiling the code and burning it in the PIC's memory, when I put the controller in the circuit...
  9. Donny_97

    Pan/Tilt Head need help designing circuit

    Hello everybody, I am planning on making a motorized Pan/Tilt head to go on a camera jibcrane. My electronics knowledge isn't too well, so I'd wanted to ask all the amazing people here. My plan was to use two 12volt DC motors, powered by a battery pack, to drive the axis, controlled by a...

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