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controller circuit

  1. C

    Electric Bicycle Controller Board

    My electric bicycle has stopped working. I have checked* the voltage regulator (7812), the Dual Schottky diode (MBR20100CT) and the NMOSFET (RFP70N06). I haven't checked the low power chips which I think are unlikely to break. These are a pulse width oscillator (TL494CN) a dual op-amp (LM358P)...
  2. C

    Main controller for 16 * 16 array of servos.

    Hello, For a digital art project I would like to control a 16*16 array of small servos with a raspberry pi. However I can't connect all 16 channel servo controllers directly to the pi, so my idea was to connect the pi to a main controller which controls the servo controllers, which finally...
  3. E

    Developing an automated tester for electronic drive lines

    Hello everyone, I'm a graduating Elektrical Engineering student, for my last year project I have to develop an prototype for an automated testsystem for electronic drive lines. I started this thread to get help and tips about building this system. First of all , I should make some dynamic...
  4. giovannithex

    IC555 - control pin

    Hello everyone. I'm wondering if (how) could i make it possible; I have simple circuit from two parts: one stands as PWM oscilator (555 timer) and that timer drives the transistor (npn, let us forget about efficiency for now) On the CE line of transistor i have connected a DC motor of which...

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