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  1. ElectronsFlow

    Constant current circuit for buck converter

    Hi and thanks for viewing! In the past I've used a few buck converters off ebay. So far they've done me well, but I'd prefer to have the ability to build my own. That way I'm in control of the quality of components used. I was planning on using the LM2678T-AJT as the heart of my buck converter...
  2. ElectronsFlow

    Anyone have a schematic for a Constant Current DC load tester?

    Hi everyone, I've been surfing the web trying to find a schematic for a constant current DC load tester for use with a battery bank (48VDC) Ideally something that can handle 50amps or more would be fantastic! So far I've only found either low current or useless schematics online with nothing...

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