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    UART or I2C sensor version?

    Hello! The tfmini is an IR lidar sensor. There is a UART and an I2C version, quite at the same price. For my project, I need 2 tfmini hooked up to an Arduino UNO with a +/- 1m cable. I've been doing some tests with 2 tfmini UART versions and it works fine following the example...
  2. G

    How to read a data frame PC serial over PIC UART

    Hi folks, I am trying to send a data frame over uart of pic12F1572. I want to send an frame from PC terminal [I use Hterm] in the format "RGBFF00F0\n" and receive it at PIC. I have done code but somehow I found it's not working anyone have the idea? a code ,hint or solution is highly appreciated...
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    Proximity alarm project

    Hey guys, new to this forum and would really appreciate your help :) I am making an alarm which will trigger a buzzer from about 30ft away and a noise which will help you find the object that you had lost. In perspective I am making a lost and found type of device. Whilst there are similar...
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    Monitors-PC Interface

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a new project in which I want to create multiple games inside one room. Those games will use electronics and mechanics. So for almost everyone of this games I'll need to have a monitor and a microcontroller. Besides that i'll have a main pc interfacing with the...

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