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closed loop feedback

  1. S

    Synchronous Buck Converter with Negative Feedback Loop

    Hello, I am in the midst of creating a synchronous buck converter. The requirements of the converter is the following: Vin = 30V - 50V Vout= 3V - 5.5V Io >=12 A Now the power stage works perfectly with ideal as well as realistic components. After investigating that the power stage works, I...
  2. Shadow_warrior

    Ripple in output voltage

    I am working on an Active Clamp Forward converter. Schematic is given here: Specs: Output voltage-5V Input voltage 26..42V frequency=500KHz Output power=10W It is working fine in open loop, but in closed loop I am getting a ripple in output Voltage of 2.5Volts Peak to peak. Voltage...
  3. M

    How to implement a physical control system? Full description below.

    Good evening people from Electro-Tech-Online.com: This is my first post here, I'm Marco and I'm a mechatronics engineering student. Today I would like to detail my issue on how to implement a control system in real life: To begin with, I would like to mention an example that many beginners in...

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