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circuit design

  1. R

    Battery powered COB LED illumination drop off

    PROBLEM: 24 SMD COB LED has too much illumination drop off over 3 hours. Currently powered by four 3V button batteries. PREFERRED SOLUTION: Get this battery powered LED to perform more consistently over a few hours. THE STORY: I’m working on a little project at home for a custom...
  2. D

    Circuit Design Help (Smart Nortfication System)

    I need to design notification system for my third-year of collage Project ideas; Should be able to post new notifications on website(mobile App) Should be able to send notification as text messages to members who don't have internet access Can any one help me where to start
  3. sr13579

    How to make volume control buttons for Powerbeats 3

    I was given a powerbeats. I found that the speaker and the buttons are heavily damaged. But somehow I was succeded to connect it with a nother speaker. Again I found that the control buttons are not working. I found two wires connected with the control board to motherboard(the main receiver...
  4. P

    Remote control 4x 50W LEDs with ESP8266, HC05 and Smart Phone

    Hi! Here is the project: I bought a spotlight which contains 4x 50W LED Lamps. The spotlight is powered by a 28VDC battery. My vision is to control the spotlight with a mobile app (turn on/off and blink the LED's). Also the space inside the spotlight is limited (10cm X 7cm X 4cm at most since...
  5. G

    Circuit Design to Convert Relay to Pulse(s)

    Hi, I hope someone on this forum can help me. I need to convert a relay signal to push button pulse(s). When the relay closes, a single pulse (of about half a second duration, same as pressing a button) is required. When the relay opens, two pulses are required (same as pressing a button...
  6. Sinedup

    MIDI-Keyboard scanner - error in supply / HF decoupling circuit?

    Common +5V, common ground, decouplers between? Hi all. In a distributor's catalogue selling the 510 Scanner IC, (touch-sensitive MIDI), a simplified schematic of a generic (no brand) keyboard controller is added. Looking at the way the miniature circuit is drawn, it appears that all 20x 0.1uF...
  7. pradoartz

    Need working circuit for this "arduino based 7 segment counter || Finger Click speed || Race"

    Hello Friends, Please have a look in the video below. I am working in a project like this. This guy presents his code and circuit in his video description, code is perfectly compiling but the circuit is not good. Please help me in designing a good circuit for this project with all buttons and...
  8. J

    Free software for prototype board circuit design / component placement from schematic?

    Newbie Alert! I have a fairly simple schematic for Bob Beck's plant growth stimulator. I bought some 6 x 7cms prototyping board (with simple row and column copper padded holes matrix) and now have all the electronic components that I need to complete construction. I have looked at several...

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