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    Help on finding Thevenin Resistance and Current across resistor for RL Circuit?

    Hello! Good evening to you all! I'm currently brushing up on RC & RL circuits in preparation for an upcoming exam, and I found this circuit to be rather complex in its design. I've had a limited understanding of natural and step responses for RC & RL circuits, and this circuit certainly hits it...
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    Best circuit tester

    I'm looking to purchase a good circuit tester. I need something to reach long distances and to be more specific as to know exactly which wire is at the other end. Any advice or first hand accounts are accepted. Lemme know. An I'm not looking for something like a 110 VAC circuit finder with...
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    what's the working principle of this inverter circuit

    https://imgur.com/a/yCI0j I found this inverter circuit online I can't read it , can you explain it to me thanks

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