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  1. S

    Suggestion needed for universal USB port charge controllers

    I am currently trying to design a DC powered USB charger station (just charging and no hub/connectivity/upstream/downstream) that can charge multiple USB devices simultaneously and from my hurriedly put together research online, I understand that charging specifications of mobile devices (mostly...
  2. S

    Charging circuit

    I am designing a hand cranked charging circuit for a NiMH battery. I have used a LM317 voltage regulator however im not sure exactly what output voltage to use for charging a single 1.2V AAA cell. Can anyone help?
  3. S

    Hand crank torch - NiMH charging

    Hi there, So I am interested in the charging of NiMH batteries, some websites say that they should not be charged over 0.1C, some say 0.5C some say not over 1C. I bought this wind up torch with a 80mah 3.6v batteries pack and noticed the current flow is around 200 mA, this is 2.5C. So my...
  4. mheruian

    In-depth Battery Knowledge inquiry

    Hi, I'm new to electronics and I've been starting a project of my own which is a charger (since i though i should start first at power electronics since its all about electricity before pursuing switching electronics or automation). I had previously created a charging system (using the li-ion...
  5. savaslt

    Very interesting device development (projector, camera, wireless charging, fingerprint all-in-one)

    Hey! I just registred here several moments ago because I am currently working on my own project and I've got a lot of questions on electronics, sensors, gadgets right now because the project requires a lot of knowledge in it but unfortunately I don't have, so I came here. Let's move on the...

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