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  1. C

    What frequency value to use to find the correct time constant for a 22kΩ resistor?

    Hey guys, I have just been introduced to time constants and I'm having some trouble with this question. What frequency value do you plan to use to obtain the correct time constant for a 22 kΩ resistor? (Hint: It takes five time constants for a capacitor to go through the full charging...
  2. Clarkdale44

    A dual axis solar tracker or mppt charge controller?

    OK, it has been few months now since i installed my solar system. It is a small one but i want to extract every ounce of juice i could get from my solar pv's. I am already aware that the mppt charge controller can do it's wonders. Currently using a pwm one and the only i time i get full...
  3. Clarkdale44

    Solar charge controller ?

    Hello I have got one last confusion about charge controllers doesn't matter whether it is pwm or mppt. Thing is i have seen many CC with variety of output amps on 12v and 24v with different manufacturers... But they are all different.. Which number in a charge controller defines that how many...
  4. Clarkdale44

    Why there is an internal resistance in the batteries?

    Hello My question might seem very obvious but i never really understood why... Too much power is being wasted during charging because of this internal resistance, there must be a logical explanation for this and i need that to know. I am not looking for technical answer instead if you could...

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