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  1. B

    Extremely loud and small buzzer

    I am looking for an extremely loud buzzer for a personal project. I'm looking for something that is about 130 db at the source. Ideally, I would like to find something like what is used in all the personal defense keychains. The buzzer needs to be small and the voltage needs to be less than 20...
  2. L

    Selecting MOSFET Configuration

    Hello Everyone... I am trying to make a Low Voltage Buzzer Warning that beeps on and off, without a microcontroller.... I have a latching detection circuit here that puts out about a 6V signal until the battery is dead, then it drops off and latches off until it is reset.... This is the...
  3. J

    Piezo Differential Drive: Via Software or Hardware?

    My Arduino project is a level indicator that uses a Piezo transducer. I've used the "tone" function to manipulate the sound to raise the pitch when the desired level is reached. With the 'tone' function I can very precisely control the pitch and speed of the speaker. However, the project runs...
  4. N

    Proximity alarm project

    Hey guys, new to this forum and would really appreciate your help :) I am making an alarm which will trigger a buzzer from about 30ft away and a noise which will help you find the object that you had lost. In perspective I am making a lost and found type of device. Whilst there are similar...

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