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buck converter

  1. S

    Battery Bank / Inverter Conundrum

    Hello, New to forum, hope to get some advice. Sorry for the long introduction but want to provide as much info as possible to bring to light what I’ve considered and to help provide a solution. I have some background in electronics, but definitely a novice. TLDR; I have a battery bank that I...
  2. E

    Buck Converter Inductor choice for both heavy and light load

    Hi everyone, I have difficulty in selecting a proper inductor for a buck converter with TPS5430(Datasheet). The schematic I use is similar to the examples in the datasheet. After doing some research, I learned that a lower current load would prefer a higher inductance value whereas a higher...
  3. riccardo

    Driving a 0.8V peltier from 5V using PWM and H-Bridge

    Hello, I am wanting to control a small peltier module to regulate temperature in both hot and cold modes. I am thinking to use an H-bridge motor driver such as the MAX14870 so that I can feed a PWM signal from an Arduino, and another pin will select hot/cold using the DIR input. However, the...

    Looking for a suitable DC -DC buck conveter using coupled inductor /reactor

    Hello there, Anser this post who knows Power Electronics well. Take a look my buck conveter in attachment. People may called it "Dropper' It has following properties, 1. Input is 120 to 160 volt DC/ 30 Amp. 2. Output must be 110volt/30 amp(maximum). +- 5% regulation( contineous output...
  5. Matienzo

    How to properly power a heating element to stay within a range?

    Hello everyone! The title pretty much says it. I'm using two heating elements to heat up a vessel of about 4 in^3 and this is the way I'm thinking about doing it. (senior ME student here so please easy with the jargon) So here is the way I'm wiring the thingy: The problem with this setup...
  6. P

    Buck converter not working as it should

    Hello everyone. I am doing a project in which I use a buck converter to convert high vtg to low vtg. Actually the input to the buck converter is from a solar panel which puts out 560 mA constant current and 34 V. And output is a 12V lead acid battery. The N- Channel mosfet is used at high side...
  7. Y

    Buck Converter Inductor

    Hie , I was working buck converter for LED application, for that i was implemented buck (80v,200mA) constant current converter, so here am facing problem like when we replace inductor with EFD15 the power factor of the present driver is getting low also its loosing regulation, can please help...

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