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bench power supply

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    Enclosure for electronics projects (power supply)

    Hi, I am searching for a cheap and good enclosure for my electronics project. What I need in this moment is an enclosure with 350mm length, 200mm wide and 150mm height. I have a few options: 1. To build this enclosure using wood - I have a few OSB wood plates at home, but I have only one hand...
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    Recommendation on small Ac to DC converter

    I'm a new hobbyist. I've been gathering so many parts for a while now and learning on the go. I know I need a bench power supply to test my electronics the beat waya, but does anyone have any recommendations on the cheap $10 open circuit buck down converters to plug in my wall outlet and adjust...
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    0-60V 3A Dual Rail Bench Supply

    I'm attempting to build a +/- 0-60V 3A bench power supply using a Large 10 amp transformer out of an old audio amplifier. I got as far as building and testing the rectifier/filter board for +/- 60VDC and then discovered that I can't find any variable supply circuits that will take 60VDC input. I...

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