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battery design

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    Battery powered COB LED illumination drop off

    PROBLEM: 24 SMD COB LED has too much illumination drop off over 3 hours. Currently powered by four 3V button batteries. PREFERRED SOLUTION: Get this battery powered LED to perform more consistently over a few hours. THE STORY: I’m working on a little project at home for a custom...
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    Li-Ion Battery datasheet

    can someone help me read battery datasheet I really need it so bad, please.
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    Battery design problems

    Hi, I'm working on a battery to power my continuous 6kw DC motor. The max amp for the motor is 200 and it's max voltage is 60. I want to use 14 3.7v 15ah cells to build a battery, but I'm confused about wiring in series or parallel! I'm unsure how to wire it because either way makes my...

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